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[APD] PMDD recipe -- help please!

I am about to set up a 20g planted tank and need a
little advice from you fertilizer experts out there. I
have read about the PMDD and went to a garden store
today looking for some of the ingredients. I was not
able to find exactly what I was looking for, but I did
buy a couple things plus I had a few bottles lying
around and need advice as to which of the following
fertilizers I could use and which ones I shouldn't(or
don't need): 

1)Epsom salts (Mg - 9.8% , S - 12.9% ---> derived from

2)Dynamite plant food (18-6-8) --- In the form of
little 1-2 mm pebbles to be put into substrate) --
they dissolve over the period of 6 months.	
  Total N = 18.0%  (8.6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, 9.4%
Nitrate Nitrogen)
  P2O5 = 6.0%
  K2O  = 8.0%
  Mg(water soluble)   = 1.2%
  B    = 0.02%
  Cu   = 0.05%
  Fe(chelated)   = 0.20%
  Mn   = 0.06%
  Mo   = 0.02%

3)Flourish Excel --- liquid fertilizer that is a
source of Carbon, as well as breaking Fe(2+) down to
Fe(3+), which is more easily used by plants.

4)Liquinox "Bloom" (0-10-10) --
  P2O5(Phosphoric Acid) = 10%
  K2O(Muriate of Potash)  = 10%

5)Aquarium Pharmaceuticals "Root Tabs plus Iron" -- 
  Soluble potash(K2O) = 3.0%
  Mg = 1.0%
  S  = 3.0%
  Fe = 15.0%

I'm planning on using Fluorite as the substrate, so
maybe I won't need the plant food or root tabs really.
As for the PMDD mixture I'm trying to gather the
ingredients for, what else should I be looking for?
Perhaps something with a little Nitrogen(not too much)
and some more "traces"? If anyone who has a better
grasp on the PMDD recipe or what chemicals I should be
looking for, would you mind sharing? I'm not much of a
chemist, although I try. Thank you kindly :)
-Ryan Ingram
Davis, CA

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