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[APD] Re: Tropica java fern

"I don't think it's a matter of "would" revert back, I
think it all HAS reverted back. I haven't heard that
anyone has any that looks much like the original stuff
in a number of years now. Tropica stopped even selling
it as soon as they realized what was happening. And
yes, Scott, You'd probably never know if you had it in
your tanks now. I think that all the "normal" Java
fern in my 70G between the windows in the family room
is from my original 'Tropica' stock... and it doesn't
look any different from any other Java fern at this

I have some.  I got it a while ago as a few leaves to
share with a friend of mine after it's grown out (no
requests, please - it will take a very long time to do
that, and by then, it may be 'normal').  Many leaves
do have the distinct extensions, but others are not
much more than ruffled at the edges.  It has been a
big disappointment, and not just because not all the
leaves grow in like they're supposed to.  It just
isn't as nice as you'd think.  

What is really nice is the 'Philippine' type.  It's a
bit wider than narrow leaf and has a beautiful and
distinctive leaf texture.  And it doesn't revert over
time!  ;)  

Cavan Allen      

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