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[APD] Christel Kasselman

With all the discussion about Christel's book, I'd like to remind you that she will be speaking at the NEC convention in march, and will also speak at our regional AGA/local-plant-people meeting on Friday afternoon before the "official" start to the convention. At that meeting she will be discussing MANY rare and unusual plants that are NOT in her book.

Dave Wilson is correct, there are many, many potential aquarium plants out there, many right here in our U.S. back yards. It's a matter of giving things a try and seeing what works. There is no way that one book can be totally comprehensive, because new species are being discovered all the time... By Dave, by Christel, by the Tropica folks and many others. And while that's taking place in the wild, the growers are producing more and more cultivars and hybrids.

So come to Hartford CT in Mar. (hey, I know March isn't the BEST time to visit New England, but come anyway<g>) and learn about all KINDS of new plants. And if you HAVEN'T got a copy of her book by then, I happen to know there will be stock on hand, and the author there to sign them in person!


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