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[APD] Invasive Neomeris annulata in LA

I gave a marine plant presentation down in LA/Burbank area to very gracious
It's a very interesting calcareous alga. I've grown it and had so success. 
I have the opportunity to see many reef tanks with macro and other algae,
some problems, some successes.
The amount of witchcraft,voodoo and snake oil is rampant in that hobby. 
I was taken to a 240 gal reef tank with 1200w of MH's, 440w of VHO's,
refugium etc.
The aquarist had this strange "unidentified" spaghetti growing out of live
rock and then it would get on his corals as well.
I've never seen Neomeris grow like this even in the wild. Chemical controls
are simply out of the question is a reef tank with 3000-5000$ worth of
animals. Once the corals start going south........they are not like

We tried a 3 blackout on one tank and KNO3 for some Cyano issues, something
****very common**** in reef tanks.
Worked. Go figure. Now we will see if it comes back. The NO3 levels are
well under 1ppm. I suggested the KNO3 and later add more fish as a source
for the NO3 increased demand. Basically, they tend to keep the water too

Almost everyone I met there had an extensive Lamott or Hach kit sets, PAR
light meters, chem labs in two aquarist places, outdoor frag farm, skimmers
from Hell. Upon testing and review of the data, I've found many of these
folks are overskimming and keeping things "too clean", much like Freshwater
folks are still /were lead to believe in the past.
I think the group will be reeling for a while and assimilating things for
some time to come.
I did see some nice planted tanks, several very large reef tanks, 240-350,
360, 400 gallon ranges and a few macro algae.
My favorite tank was a very well done 50 gal, very well scaped. 

I also got meet with an aquarist I'd helped several years ago, Carlos, a FW
plant person as well.

Tom Barr

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