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[APD] Aquarium plants Reference book

Bill D wrote:
"The Kassellman is more slanted to the natural history of plants and much
less to their cultivation in aquaria.

It has many pictures, but most of these are small and are not a lot of help
in identification, to me anyway."

That's crap! Kasselmann's book includes full details of aquarium cultivation for the plants she covers. And the photos are NOT small and allow for easy identification of the various species.

And B.T.W., some of us appreciate the natural history information, we don't need a cook book approach on how to grow aquatic plants.

Here in Toronto we have an excellent plant resource (Menagerie Pet Store) and the plant guru there (Harold) can get just about every plant available in the hobby. I always take my copy of Kasselmann with me when I pay the shop a visit.

James Purchase

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