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[APD] Cat deterrent


>>I am in need of suggestions to deter my cat from 
>>jumping on top of my nano cube. Besides terrorizing 
>>the fish inside, 

I spent almost a year trying to train my cat to 
Sit/sleep/clean itself, etc. on top of one of my
aquariums ... To no avail <grin>!!!

Anyway ... There are several cat training sprays that are
available that I have used successfully on other tanks.
In most of my cases, I didn't want to "spray" it directly 
on the aquariums, so I sprayed alluminum foil, the placed 
the foil on the tanks - the foil is easily molded to stay
in place ... Cats don't like the smell of the spray and
in most cases, it only requires 2-3 treatments and they
Have learned to leave the aquariums alone ...

Greg Watson

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