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[APD] Re: Cat deterrent

Double sided tape left on long enough for the cat to
realize how much it hates the feel of it.  After
awhile it will be conditioned not to jump up and you
can remove the tape.

You can also use one of those plastic carpet runners
with the spikes (dull) on bottom), cut to fit, turned
with the spikes up.

Don't use the Scat Mat (electric shock mat). 
Electricity and water don't mix and it's not that

Key thing is:  whatever you put up there, try to make
it so that your cat can't see it until he/she has
actually landed up there and on it.  Otherwise, you
cat will know when it is there and when it isn't. 
Sticky tape is great for this, as after enough
landings, he/she won't want to find out and won't be
able to tell from the ground.

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