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[APD] Cat deterrent

Hi all,

I am in need of suggestions to deter my cat from
jumping on top of my nano cube. Besides terrorizing
the fish inside, I'm concerned that the side table
it's on won't remain stable with all the wobbling that
my 10-lb graceless cat causes on a pretty constant
basis up there. There's about 5" of space on each side
of the cube, and he likes to leer down from the top
and whack at the glass. I put books on one side and
candles on the other to give him less footing, but I
need something safe and hopefully not completely
hideous to deter him from the top. Moving it's not an
option, and I'd prefer not to resort to fortifying the
table as I live in an apt, have no tools and no
"handyness" to speak of. Crippling the cat is not an
option. ;)

I welcome and appreciate any suggestions, as many of
you keep cats, too.
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