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Re: [APD] Re: H3PO4 and Green spot algae

Just a point in passing. Doesn't H3PO4 throw off the
CO2/KH/pH table? By depressing pH, it should make the table
show more CO2 than you really haveSomething to keep in mind
if you're putting acids in the tank other than the carbonic
you get from CO2.

No. Those tables are based on the Henderson-Hasselbach equation dealing with the dissociation of weak acids. If enough phosphoric acid is added to impact the carbonate buffer -- and I doubt the amount we are talking about does -- then not only will the pH shift but the KH will also shift. So, if you add enough phosphoric acid to cause a measurable change in the pH then you should measure KH. The equation is still valid.

This is why various people try to remind everyone that you should occasionally check KH and GH even though they appear stable.

The effect is probably not going to be all that much different than adding a substantial amount of KH2PO4 or K2HPO4 to a tank.


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