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[APD] New England Aquatic Plant Society

Happy holidays!  Hope the times find you well.
    Well, we just had our 2nd meeting of the New England Aquatic Plant Society.  What a great time and wonderful experience.  It is so nice to meet with fellow hobbyists to share ideas experiences and plants.  It is so nice to be around like minded people to share such a terrific interest.  It certainly is worth the time and effort to organize a local club.
    Aside from the typical plant discussions, many club issues were discussed at this meeting.  We have purchased a domain name, www.ne-aquaticplants.com that will be up and running once we get hosting.  It will be a good way to start the new year right.  Currently our biggest hindrance in organization is funding. As we are a new organization we are not yet charging dues for membership.  This is a nice way to entice people to check us out but it leaves the coffers rather bare.  We are compensating for this though by funding through Aquabid plant and equipment auctions and official NEAPS Tshirts, available for $15.  Please contact me if interested.
    We will are also searching for sponsorship from various aquatic supply companies and local fish stores for club auctions and Aquabid auctions.  We will be moving our meeting location to a different location in Enfield Ct as the Barnes and Noble is nice, but not necessarily conducive to club meetings.  We are currently researching local libraries and museums, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to contact me.  
    A planted tank and aquascaping demonstration is being planned for use in local fish stores, libraries and schools.  We are discussing membership so the various fish and plant clubs and are searching for a NEAPS forum host.  We have setup and email list through Yahoo.  Go here, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NE-Aquaticplants to join.

    Now, on to the new business.  We are about half way to the funds we need for web hosting and I am designing and working on the actual pages for when we have the space.
    Our next meeting will be Jan, 15th 2005, at 10:30 am.  If there is any change I will post back here and send out emails aswell.   Once again it will be at the Barnes and Noble in Enfield Ct but soon we plan on having a new meeting place.  There will of course be some plant trading, plenty of lively discussion and information will certainly be abundant.  
    This meeting will also mark our first actual plant discussion topic: Suitable Plants for the New Aquarium, their use, care and Latin names.  That last bit is a joke but so many of us can recognize the names but our solitary internet plant lives tend to keep us from hearing the pronunciations:)   Please think about plants you have found to fit this topic and feel free to bring some if you wish:)  

Can't wait to see you there!!  Please, email me if you plan on attending, and post this anywhere people might see it:)

    Dennis Dietz,
    New England Aquatic Plant Society
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