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[APD] Re: fresh water / nitrates / plant growth

It's my understanding that there are 'super micronutrients' that
are used in such small amounts that it's impractical to include
them in trace element mixes. Stuff like Beryliium, which is also
used to power spaceships when in large spherical form. In a
closed system like an aquarium they get used up, so water changes
replenish them. Not sure if that dynamic applies to ponds.

"Just how much beryliium do you think there is in rainwater ? :-)"

Welll, it depends on how much volcanic activity there's been recently that spews it into the air. Or how much gets picked up on a windy day and carried aloft. Or how many beryliium-powered alien spaceships burn up on entry into the atmosphere. All of which can get washed out of the air by rain.


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