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Re: [APD] Re: Getting rid of Green spot (on anubias)

To Richard J Sexton:

I do not think you have read my original post. Just the heading, otherwise
you would not be offering help, (which I did not ask for). Using a razor
blade on Anubias, or Peroxide as you suggested do not work . Then you
suggest a bench grinder. Now you propose that I (we) should keep our plants
in the dark for a year! Absurd. I want my plants in my tank not in a

In my post I offered a simple, very rapid method for removing green-spot
algae from Anubias using Phosphoric acid, WITHOUT removing them from the
aquarium. If you have really grown Anubias on large pieces of wood you would
have realised that removing the plants or the wood would be a disaster in a
planted aquascape like mine
y=0&vol=2&id=38   ). I developed this method specifically for my case and
thought it would be of use to others, so I posted here. Why you had to
respond to my original posting, at least four times, each time offering
unrealistic alternative solutions, I can't understand. I know my method
works because I have used it. I would not have posted here otherwise. People
who want to use it can. If you do not want to don't. But please do not tell
me it does not work or that there are better alternatives without trying.

I would not have replied to you in this manner but you seem to insist on
giving continuous useless suggestions, now even sending them to my personal
address. That is bugging me. Just stop!

Stephan Mifsud

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> >"I use a razor blade with a siphon hose in the same hand. That
> >was the algaw is removed and now siwrling around the tank.
> >
> >http://rs79.vrx.net/works/photoblog/2004/Dec/18/DSCF0001.jpg";
> >
> >
> >I'd like to see you try to do that on an anubias leaf ;)
> Anubias are the easiest to clean. Stick them in a dark place
> in a plastic bag for about a year (or less if you prefer). If
> they dry out they die, but they'll hold on for at least 18 mos
> in the dark.
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