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[APD] My plants are dying!!!!

All of my Plants are dying, i recently lost all my fish due to a
malfunctioning heater, it just kept getting hotter and hotter, hit
105F before i noticed, i went and got a new heater but it was too late
for the fish, lost 5 neons and 1 oto.  Now about 4 days later i
noticed my vals are going clear and starting to rot, also my sword is
doing the same thing, the only plants that seem to be unafected are
java fern but they are just little tiny pieces that i just added.
This is the first time i have had much luck growing plants(they were
growing over 1" a day with no co2)
the tank is a 5g with 20W of flourecent light, the substrate is river
mud mixed with peat moss covered with aquarium gravel and small river
ph is 7.4
gh is 60ppm
kh is 50ppm
nitrates are 15ppm
phosphate is 5ppm

If anyone can please save my plants i would appreciate the help very much
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