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[APD] Re: nutrient build ups

"2.  I'm wondering about long-term build up of residual salts due to 
regular dosing of fertilizers.  Most of the nutrients we add are 
chloride or sulfate salts."

KNO3, KH2PO4, Traces............not much SO4 nor Cl, SO4 even at higher levels poses little issue.

 "Presumably, there will be a long term build up of 
sulfate and chloride salts in the water column.  A 50% water change 
will not offset the additions."

Err... yea....... they do offset any build up.........
See here:

I think the math speaks for itself.

This issue has been covered.
You can always do a larger water change if you feel it's an issue. 
Nothing wrong doing more than 50% a week or 50% several times a week etc.

"  Which leads to a thought:  For long 
term stability, perhaps a huge water change, say 50% daily for a week, 
a couple of times a year, might help to "reset" the tank to its 
starting parameters might be in order.  When I battled a green water 
plague in a 29 gal, I did daily 15 gal changes for two weeks.  The 
ensuing plant growth was remarkable.  I've noticed that over the years, 
my tanks seem to "slow down" in terms of growth and vitality.  Should 
we be thinking in terms of a "rainy season" for our tanks to flush them 

No, this does not build up. But you can flush any old time.
There is another reason for the slow down, that's another post.



Tom Barr

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