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[APD] Open Aquarium: Upgrading my lighting

I want to upgrade the lighting of my 90 gallon aquarium.

I have right now a custom made fixture, a wooden board  attached on
the underside are:

Two fluorescent 40watt bulbs
5 50watt halogen bulbs.

The total wattage is 320 watts, most of it coming from the halogen and
my plants grow brownish yellowish instead of the natural green because
of this.

Right now the board is hanging from a chain attached to the ceiling,
so it turns out that the fluorescent bulbs are about 1 1/4 feet from
the tank.  I was thinking about adding another two bulbs (Plant and
aquarium bulbs) and suspending the bulbs closer like let's say half a
foot and maybe getting rid of three of the halogens.

This would give me 40 * 4 = 160w of fluorescent lighting + another 100
watts of halogen lighting total 260w which is 2.8 watts per gallon,
but most of it would come from the correct color spectrum now.

Anyone have any suggestions or comments please?

Yechi Hamelech
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