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Re: [APD] Lighting --- T-8 or T-12 on a new 20g setup?

Standard T8s  are more energy efficient but not necessarily
higher output than a comparable t12.

If you are reworking the lamp, you might consider intallng
a 36  or 55 watt Power compact. These are esential the same
as high output T5s.

Scott H.
--- Ryan Ingram <r_w_ingram at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Hello. I've recently decided to "resurrect" my old 20g
> that I used several years ago. I am planning on
> planting this tank rather heavily with (not completely
> decided yet) glossostigma or echinodorus tenellus and
> perhaps some crypt and/or anubias sp(probably with a
> few others).   I've already pretty much decided on a
> mixture of fluorite(bottom 2" layer) and a 1" top
> layer of 1mm river gravel. I have a 10 lb Co2 tank
> with M2 gauges and check valve....which brings me to
> my next decision, that of LIGHTING!
> I have an old 2x24"(T-12) shop light fixture that I
> bought at a hardware store years ago when I had a
> planted tank, but it never had a hood, reflector(kind
> of jury-rigged one out of alumninum foil) so much of
> the light intensity was lost. Does anyone have
> suggestions, feedback, etc  on T-12 vs T-8??  I've
> been reading the threads on www.thekrib.com as well as
> online venders(thatpetplace, petwarehouse,
> petswarehouse, azgardens, mailorderpetshop,
> petsolutions, homedepot) but to no avail as many of
> the articles I found were a little dated. I have heard
> that T-8's are less Wattage, but higher intensity,
> thereby making them more efficient?  I'm also
> wondering what kind of cost would be involved for this
> kind of setup, as I'm also working with a budget. This
> should put the finishing touch on the tank....next
> step would be ordering plants, mixing up some PMDD
> drops, and, oh yeah...convincing the wife that the
> metal stand and CO2 tank aren't ey-sores.  Thanks for
> any and all feedback.
> -Ryan Ingram
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