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[APD] Lighting --- T-8 or T-12 on a new 20g setup?

Hello. I've recently decided to "resurrect" my old 20g
that I used several years ago. I am planning on
planting this tank rather heavily with (not completely
decided yet) glossostigma or echinodorus tenellus and
perhaps some crypt and/or anubias sp(probably with a
few others).   I've already pretty much decided on a
mixture of fluorite(bottom 2" layer) and a 1" top
layer of 1mm river gravel. I have a 10 lb Co2 tank
with M2 gauges and check valve....which brings me to
my next decision, that of LIGHTING!
I have an old 2x24"(T-12) shop light fixture that I
bought at a hardware store years ago when I had a
planted tank, but it never had a hood, reflector(kind
of jury-rigged one out of alumninum foil) so much of
the light intensity was lost. Does anyone have
suggestions, feedback, etc  on T-12 vs T-8??  I've
been reading the threads on www.thekrib.com as well as
online venders(thatpetplace, petwarehouse,
petswarehouse, azgardens, mailorderpetshop,
petsolutions, homedepot) but to no avail as many of
the articles I found were a little dated. I have heard
that T-8's are less Wattage, but higher intensity,
thereby making them more efficient?  I'm also
wondering what kind of cost would be involved for this
kind of setup, as I'm also working with a budget. This
should put the finishing touch on the tank....next
step would be ordering plants, mixing up some PMDD
drops, and, oh yeah...convincing the wife that the
metal stand and CO2 tank aren't ey-sores.  Thanks for
any and all feedback.
-Ryan Ingram

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