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Re: [APD] Re: USDA/Fish and Game

>We've had them here for some time.
>They look neat, some claim miracles, but I've seen few herbivores ever do
that in a contolled study. They may tip the scale with milder issues, but if
you have milder issues, work on that without the herbivore reliance, the
algae means there is room for improvement for plant growth and health of the
>Herbivores allow you to abuse the tank more, these are pretty snails.
>I'm not that sure they do as much as some claim, I've seen them in tanks
with algae, the algae is still there and doing well.

I bave a couple. They eat algae better than any snail I've tried.

>As far as the Fish and Game, USDA, look at it from their prespective:
>Consider Zebra mussels, Hydrilla, other noxious pest. How do get rid of
these? Cost? Impacts from control and eradication on the environment? Can we
even get rid of them or contol them? 
>Is the USDA going to study them, spend a couple of years researching it and
spend 50,000$ for that so someone can bring in some rare obscure snail????

One LFS in torotno has them. Lots of them. (Th Menagerie on Parliment)


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