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[APD] Am i the last person on earth to use a window sticker remover for algae?!!!

How could i have not known about this earlier?!

Go down to auto zone and get a 2 dollar car window
sticker remover with the single sided safty razor
after seeing how easy it took off my parking sticker. 

I gingerly tried it in a back corner and right away I
was taking off algae that has been on my tank for
years in literally 2 minutes in huge sheets.  It
glided right off!!

The fish are confused and are now attacking their
reflections on the clean back and side glass lol!

Sorry, this is for the people that dont know, the rest
of you can have a good chuckle.  THe workout of
rubbing off green spot with an aquarium pad has been a
good workout for the forearms, but i aint going back
in 05.


Sean :)

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