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Re: [APD] PC bulbs

"Actinic" bulbs are those that are designed to have a lot
of their output inthe very short blue frequency range,
which gives off an overall effet that is more like the
bluer light waves that reach down several feet into the
coral reff waters. "Actinic" light is fine for plants but a
bit hard onm the eyes for most people.

Any broad spectrum bulbs will be fine.

Bulb color temp is an approximation of the averaged over
value of the spectrral ooutput of hte bulb -- it's
basically an ersatz rating for the overall color of the
light from the bulbs, with the higher numbers having more
blue than the lower ones, which have relatively more
orange, yellow, greeen, or red or any combination of the
above. Tropical sunlight is roughly 5000K and a lot of
folks like 4500-6700K bulbs, but many of us like the
somewhat starker white color of the higher color temp
bulbs. I'll take a good 10,000K bulb any day -- but osoe
other folks think such lighting should only be used for
large rooms full of typists.

But color temp ratings can be misleading since all bulbs
with the same color temp rating don't have the same
appearance. Luckily the plants aren't fussy about the light
at all in this regard. Shop for price but get bulbs from a
dealer you can trust.

Imo, actinics are like mass production scotch, some acquire
a taste, some wouldn't do without it, but it's not for
faint of heart and it's best when not overdone.

Good luck,m good fun,
Scott H.
--- Leah <leahn at iastate_edu> wrote:

> Hello,
>    Its been a while since I've been a member of this list
> (I just 
> rejoined!)...years maybe, but I was once a member, back
> when I had about a 
> dozen tanks, but now I'm a vet student, and I'm down to
> just a few tanks, the 
> main one being a more-plants-than-fish 75 gallon tank. 
> Its pretty heavilty 
> planted, but I've been neglectful of the lights.  I have
> one strip with 2 55W 
> power compact bulbs, and one strip with 2 48" regular
> fluorescent bulbs.  The 
> power compact bulbs actually went dead, and its been at
> least a year since the 
> flourescents have been replaced, so its probably time
> that all the bulbs were 
> replaced.  I remember doing research when I bought the
> bulbs about which bulbs 
> to buy, but now I forget, and there isn't much info on
> the PC bulbs about what 
> kind they are, though I think I remember them being half
> and half bulbs, one 
> blue, one white.  Anyways, does anyone have any
> recommendations as to what type 
> of bulbs I should buy?  I used to know what "actinic" and
> "10,000K" meant, but 
> now I forget and I can't figure out what would be best...
> Thanks,
> Leah
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