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[APD] PC bulbs

   Its been a while since I've been a member of this list (I just 
rejoined!)...years maybe, but I was once a member, back when I had about a 
dozen tanks, but now I'm a vet student, and I'm down to just a few tanks, the 
main one being a more-plants-than-fish 75 gallon tank.  Its pretty heavilty 
planted, but I've been neglectful of the lights.  I have one strip with 2 55W 
power compact bulbs, and one strip with 2 48" regular fluorescent bulbs.  The 
power compact bulbs actually went dead, and its been at least a year since the 
flourescents have been replaced, so its probably time that all the bulbs were 
replaced.  I remember doing research when I bought the bulbs about which bulbs 
to buy, but now I forget, and there isn't much info on the PC bulbs about what 
kind they are, though I think I remember them being half and half bulbs, one 
blue, one white.  Anyways, does anyone have any recommendations as to what type 
of bulbs I should buy?  I used to know what "actinic" and "10,000K" meant, but 
now I forget and I can't figure out what would be best...

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