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[APD] Moonlights and Fish Behavior

Just some anecdotal experience, but I thought it was interesting. My gaggle of cardinal tetras has always been shy about coming out, even to the point of near-starvation at times. Since I've installed moonlights they are much more willing to come out, night and day. The tank is completely enclosed except for the front glass, and is in a room that is typically darker than usual, so when the lights went out (before the moonlights) the tank was pitch black. Which caused a lot of zooming about and stress. Now, with the moonlights, they come out at night and hang out in the open areas, as well as during the day.

And now I have a few tiny corydoras which never happened before either. Gawd they're ugly/cute, children only a mother could love.

I used one of the white triple LED dome lights here:


And pointed it up into the hood, which is painted white so it diffuses the light over my 90.


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