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[APD] Re:Petite nana

Wow that's exactly what I want, I've had terrible experiences with
glossostigma, after obtaining my ultimate layer covering the ground the
stuff keeps growing and growing into a huge sponge. I guess since I'm lazy I
found pruning and maintaing glossostigma to be annoying.

Wow! there are some awesome entries in the aquabotanic aquascaping 2004

Personally I've decided to stay away from stem plants for my aquascaping and
I'll be sticking with some funky tropica swords and crypts. I'm usng clay
balls that I've made/molded and they work like a charm on crypts and swords.

Well time to the LFS to hunt for this plant.


Raymond said
>>Thanks everyone for your input on places that I can get this plant from.
Any other advice on this plant? <<

Petite nana grows in very thick clusters of leaves on very small rhizomes 
and shallow roots. I found the plant to grow better, and planting is 
certainly easier when attached to wood or rock than trying to keep it in the

substrate. If it is too shaded the leaves will fall off quickly. Other than 
that it seems to require no special care. It works great as a foreground 
middleground plant. There are dozens and dozens of people who have bought 
this plant from me or elsewhere that can tell you about it on my forums if 
they do not speak up here.  If you want to see an example of it in an 
aquascape,  this is Ken's ten gallon tank that was entered in both the AGA 
aquascaping contest, and the Aqua Botanic Aquascaping contest 
http://www.aquabotanic.com/contest/2003/resized/17/10galpici..jpg  This is a

close up picture, and for some sense of scale notice the Glossostigma in 
front of it. His Petite nana have reached the more mature size.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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