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[APD] Petite nana

Thanks everyone for your input on places that I can get this plant from.

Any other advice on this plant? 

I'm pretty familiar with a planted aquarium. Although I closed my planted
tank down about 3 years ago (too much skool). I'm still thinking if I should
hook up my (ok I believe that's his name) gomberg's co2 system and install
my metal halide lights pendant on my tank which I recently set up (well
about 3 months ago lightly planted) I'm working on my aquascaping without
stem plants, (I'm lazy and I don't want to be trimming plants daily/weekly
to get the perfect look) and installing those 2 things would probably add to
faster growth in plants. Which brings me to consider having a crypts/ swords
plant and using this petite nana as a foreground plant, 

It's a small 38ish gallon tank and I'm only going to use a max of 5
different species of plants for my aquascaping.

I'll probably have to bug Steve Pushak to see if he has any plant clippings
soon since he lives minutes from me =)

Once again thx for the links from everyone =) I don't mind if you guys want
to send me more links.


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