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Re: [APD] How to raise baby malayan shrimps?

Yuzheng Hua wrote:
Hello everyone, This afternoon I added some Malayan Shrimps into my planted tank. I could see eggs in many of the shrimps' stomachs. After 3 hours, I realised many tiny similar organisms moving in the water and I turned off the filter immediately. Each of them look like a dot with a tail attached. I think those are the shrimps' babies. How do I raise these baby shrimps? Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance. Wayne Wah from Singapore.

If they are tiny free-swimming larvae then green-water/infusoria are a good first food. When they are larger they will settle to the bottom and will be able to eat bits of food off of the tank floor. Having a good bit of java moss in the tank can help by providing browsing areas.


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