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[APD] UGF/Substrate vs Water Column

Here's a pic of the UGF I just installed in my 70. It's much the same as the one I put in my 90 about a month ago. 4" of plain 1-3mm blasting grit and a relatively high flow rate. Stem plants grow well. Crypts that I've never had much luck with are growing, but there may be other things I'm getting right for them too. The only plant that isn't doing as well as I hoped is a new Tiger Lotus, which is described as wanting a rich substrate. It puts out a new leaf every three days or so, but they are still small. But, the LFS says they take about a month to get going anyway, so it may just be shy. I don't use big rooted plants like swords, and I don't grow carpet plants, so it might not work for all installations. (Although I don't see why not.) I -really- like how clean it keeps the substrate surface, and since these are no-filter tanks (except for this) I like the better water clarity as well.

So, in this case the substrate is about as fully integrated into the water column as it can get. I only dose water column ferts, so maybe TBarr is right about the water column fert thang.



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