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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 16, Issue 67

"Some help please.  I have just successfully overcome an epidemic of
green/spot algae by following (most) of Tom Barr's suggestions; in
particular raising the CO2 and PO4 levels. But it is rapidly being
replaced by a new type of algae-green splotches (not spots like the
previous algae type) which are slimy to the feel and cannot be wiped off
the leaves.  It is not present on the gravel, any of the filtration
apparatus, the driftwood, or glass and the H2O does not have an odor.
It appears to mainly affect the new leaves of Hygrophila polysperma and
Hygrophila corymbosa.
90 gallon tank; fluorite substrate with overlay of gravel; moderate fish
load; heavily planted; pH 6.6; KH 5; GH 8; NO3 13; P 0.5.
Any help with identification or suggestions fro eradication will be
greatly appreciated.
RA Davidoff
Miami, FL"

Add more CO2, whether your CO2 meausrements say otherwise..........add more(watch the fish though). Nutrient levels can be very confident if you do a large water change + dose afterwards etc + (2-3x a week), so all that's left is..........? CO2.
Soft greens on very fast growers= something massive, genenrally NH4/CO2 wereas NO3/PO4 issues are growth rate issues often.

Clean the tank good, scrub etc. Prune and preen plants, add more CO2, should balance itself out after a week or so if you keep after it and do this.

Tom Barr
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