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[APD] FloridaDriftwood and SpongeBob

I don't know how I forgot to pass this on. Last March, I got a call requesting the purchase of several pieces of our Caribbean driftwood for use in a movie shoot. They wanted authentic stuff. Intrigued, I pestered the requester to tell me what the movie was....Spongebob Squarepants. I took my daughter to see it the other day.... I slept through the whole thing! I'm told at least one piece did get featured in a scene falling on and clobbering a character named "plankton". If you happen to take your seven-year-old, watch out for that scene. No, we didn't get a credit :-( since they bought the pieces up front.

Not wanting to get too far off topic, here's a new article from a Brazilian plant splunker:
http://www.floridadriftwood.com/expedition_grande.htm The article was translated from Portuguese so there are a few awkward sentences that don't work as well in English. Still makes an interesting read.. _______________________________________________
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