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RE: [APD] Aquatic Snail removal challenge

I might experiment with "Yandilla mustard meal" sold in Australia as slug killer, but I really mean experiment. When wet, mustard meals releases isothiocyanates -- the same stuff that gives heat to horseradish and chinese mustard. In small concentrations isothiocyanates kill slugs and snails, in somewhat higher concentrations they are herbicides, hence the reason for experimentation. (And a cupful of it could kill a fair sized group of people.) I know of experiments conducted in the US at University of Idaho on the efficacy of mustard meal as a slug killer, insecticide and herbicide. Generally, concentrations that kill slugs and snails *on dry land* do not affect plants but this might not translate to aquatic plants and snails due to possible heightened sensitvity on the part of plants or decreased sensitivity on the part of snails. Mustard meal sprinkled on top of houseplants is the best fungus gnat killer around.


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