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Re: [APD] Re: Barr method and Iron

Probably -- not hard to to. There is a trace element mix
called Flourish and then there's a supplement to that trace
mix called Flourish Trace, which is not a general trace
mix. Flourish, which is a general trace mix is a supplement
to macronutrient fertilizing. But Flourish Trace is only a
supplement to a general trace mix.

Flourish has a healthy dose of iron and Flourish Trace has
none. Flourish Trace, is intended as a supplement to
Flourish for special needs, as is Flourish Iron. Flourish
is meant as a general, everything they need trace mix.

And don't confuse any of these with Flourish Tabbs, which
are neither marco nutrients nor general trace mix providers
nor Flourish Trace providers but supplements for a general
trace mix, providing extra stuff for roots.

The really surprising thing, perhaps, is that TMG has so
little iron compared to Flourish, and yet my plants seem to
do as well with either. Others have reported pretty much
the same. Which suggests to me, that Flourish has gobs of
iron and Flourish Iron is needed only in cases where the
powerhead is frequently running all the water past a magnet
;-) or maybe if folks insist on adding iron everyday [or
are trying to amass enough material to build a magnet].

Scott H.

--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:

> >Flourish has 0.32% iron.
> That's a surprise for me... I remembered reading
> somewhere that Flourish 
> itself did not contain any iron itself. Maybe I was
> thinking of Flourish 
> Trace? Hmmm.
> I see in my own tanks a very big difference if I neglect
> iron dosing -- and 
> the difference is usually noticeable pretty quickly. I
> find horn wort seems 
> to be especially sensitive, with growth slowing
> noticeably within a few 
> days of low iron levels.
>       -Bill
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