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"Well oxygen shouldn't be a problem as I have so much its pearling heavily after 7-8 hours of light.  Also, if I don't have lots of NH4 being produced.. I shouldn't be having a huge bacteria culture in the FBF either due to lack of food.  If I did see large oxygen usage (fish near the surface in the morning) then wouldn't that point to a  large amount of NH4 which would indicate that NH4 is a problem.
As for where the NH4 goes first, well since I don't have green water I would guess it has a good chance of going into the filter first as opposed to contacting the algae on a plant leaf or tank side.  More so when combined with algae removal pruning, it's not going to be 100% but I think any little bit would help. I already have an old FBF so it's a zero $ change, just the time to put it in."

Well, it simply sounds like a useless piece of equipment given your set up, I see no need for it nor making things more complicated than need be. Things sound like they are working fine and there is no NH4 to begin with.
You may just need to clean the tank, do some more trimming, perhaps larger water changes, reduce the fish load etc. 

I highly doubt you'll see any improvement from this device(maybe from other things, but not directly from this).


Tom Barr

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