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Re: [APD] Small CO2 tanks

well.. i've yet to do this so I don't know how well it would work for sure.. But I think I'll give it a try. Particualry for my 5g.. since I intend on bringing that to work some day and a having either a large co2 tank or a diy yeast gnerator at work would just be too much trouble and cost for such a small tank. Also, I recently noticed that Walmart has a paintball gun section, so it should be easy to get refills.. and wouldnt require any dragging since the biggest paintball tank is like 20 ounces. And.. based on a cursory internet search the tanks cost like $12 to $20 new. And given the size of the paintball market .. regulators and such should be fairly cheep. Probably I could have a working system for less than $50.

So... I guess you could say that cost and space are quite important to me. Since I only have 3 tanks and the biggest is 37g.. and I live in a 2 room.. 1 bedroom apt... and so on.

Anyway.. to each their own.. We'll see if this works for me. I'll let ya'll know how it works out.

BTW.. I'm kinda curious... how long does that 5 pounder last on that 3g tank? I'm thinking right now that how long a paint ball tank would last might be the biggest shortcoming. But we shall see.

-derek parr

Derek J. Arthur wrote:
I have a 5 lb. cylinder on my itty bitty 3G tank and a 20
lb. on my 10G.  Aside from cost and space, why go for a
smaller CO2 tank just because the aquarium size is

I simply hate yeast-CO2 and the cumbersome process of
dragging empty cylinders to be filled. :)

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I'd be grateful if you kept us up to date on how it works
out. Such a solution seems perfect for either my 5 or 10 gallon.


Shawn Richardson wrote:

Thanks for the info everybody. It has been quite helpful.

Shawn Richardson

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