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Re: [APD] Re: substrate vs the water column

>No - they will grow no faster (according to the studies quoted by Barr) if
water column fertilisation is good. That's what he's been saying! Substrate
fertilisation of macros will have absolutely no effect on growth rates, in
fact (at least in some species, no reason not to extend to others) cutting
off the roots makes no difference to growth rates. This is what Tom Barr is
saying. And, except for NH3/4, you can pump up the macros in the water
column without algae.

I have seen something that support that. Once I learned you could just cut
a healthy crypt just below the crown and both parts live, I remember very
distinctly a C. pontiderifolia where the severed and replanted
top just kept growing, seemingly unaffected, and put out the same
size leaves at the same frequency - with zero roots. The rootstock
does grow, albeit much more slowly than the "severed head".



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