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[APD] RE: saltwater plants

Hi David, Yes, I grow marine macro algae or marine planted tanks(no
coral/inverts generally).

> A couple of months ago, I started up a saltwater reef
> tank. Having a great time with it, but just can't kill
> the green algae in the tank. I have a refugium with
> macro growing, but that isn't slowing things down,
> nor is the addition of Phos-ban. The hobby at this end
> seems to be several years behind the freshwater hobby,
> the approach is if you have Algae, you must keep
> removing nutrients until you get rid of it. Very
> little about establishing a viable eco-system where it
> can't thrive.

I would not use PO4 remover.
The balance is finer and some distinct differences are present between
these two ecosystems(Marine vs FW)
I'm giving a presentation in LA Jan 8th on Marine macro planted tanks.   

> So, anyone on this list experienced? I'd like to add a
> couple of plants to the main tank itself, any
> thoughts? I'm also considering beefing up my refugium
> to be a mud-based tank with a denser group of plants
> such as seagrasses.

Mud is nothing more than dirty sand, slower growing plants retain the
nutrients longer and slower.

> FWIW, it's a 45 gallon tank, 10 gallon sump. 250 W MH
> + actinics. 3 chromis, several corals, various inverts
> inclucing an urchin, who loves algae, but can't keep
> up. I have some corraline growth, but not a lot. I
> dose a two part CA/Alk mix daily, and recently started
> an Iron/Manganese supplement. Salinity 1.025, pH 8.3,
> zero Nitrates on any kit I use. Ca 500 ppm, KH about
> 7.
> Thanks,
> -David Wren-Hardin

Your KH seems low. Ca is fine. 
Realize that marine macros use more Ca/CO3 than corals, they will be more
frequent work over time. I do a fair amount of picking on the marine macro
tanks(there is no refugium, the tank is the refugium). Macro algae do fine
with 5000-10000K lighting. Most live in the upper 2 meters and can live at
a variety of depths.
I've seen noxious algae at various depths right along side on them so that
does help them really IMO, IME. 

Many FW folks do not use Plants as a "refugium" , they plant the main tank
and add fish. Reef, invert folks tend to want to focus on those critters as
their scape.
You can sort of do both in the refugium, but you need to keep up with it
and balance it better. Traces/Ca/KH/regular feeding of fish/constant temp
etc are very important as is having enough NO3. 

I'll discuss in detail the macro algae in the Barr report sometime this
summer, fall and have a cold water macro tank planned.
Tom Barr

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