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[APD] Re: Multi-tank Co2

Can someone please advise me on what to get for my
existing pressurized co2 system so that I can add a
second tank to it? And how to add it?

I had the JBJ and a 20# tank for my 40L. I expanded using a 3 way manifold:


You can re-use your existing bubble counter and add extras as you need them - its nice to have a counter for each tank.
Its now running my 40L and two 10s - one of which is about 10 feet away.
I've got a glass diffuser in one 10 and the Hagen ladder in the other - the ladder is fun to watch but the diffuser is more discrete and I have a hunch it does a better job.
My problem is where to expand from here - I'm thinking another tank/regulator.

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