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[APD] RE: NH4/algae/FBF

  My idea was that the fluidized filter which 
> has massive oxidizing potential due to it's bacteria load, could help 
> convert it before the algae gets it.

This also will use a corresponding large amount of O2 to accomplish
this(these bacteria are oxidizers) and also need a large bacterial colony
that is somehow fed and maintained(otherwise the bacterial levels will
decline to match the available food resource).
So this presents a huge problem for maintaining such a system. The other
issue is that the NH4 is going to where first? In the tank or into the
filter first? Who will have first dibs? Plants or bacteria in the filter?
Some backup filtration is useful, and stabilizes tanks for this reason but
more is not better. W/D's are better than FBF's IMO/IME.  

> All the posts I've seen with having lots of plants,  good CO2, and fert
> keep algae down also involve a small amount of fish.  As algae is 
> better(faster?)

You can have a fairly substantial amount of livestock in a well run tank. 
NH4 is more useful for a single celled spore, perhaps as an activator for

 than plants at using the urea/NH4 I was thinking maybe even 
> with lots of plants, there's a point where the fish load is too much for
> plants to deal with it quickly enough to stop algae from growing.

You got it.
You can test this like I did by adding progressively more and more shrimp
or small fish into a tank till you get algae.
Some of this in more detail will be a topic later.

Tom Barr
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