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[APD] RE: Too much CO2?

<IS there such a thing as too much CO2?

<Provided the fish don't appear to mind, is there any other danger in
<having a CO2 level greater than 40 ppm or more?   Yes, I remember it was
<stated before that most or all plants have no use for more than 30 or
<so, but is there any danger to the plants in having too much?  and what
<is that level?  And is there any danger to the animals other than the
<possible lack of oxygen?

<The reason I ask is due to my present experimentation with DIY yeast CO2
<generation which has resulted in several large CO2 spikes and valleys.
<That,  and curiousity.

I've been up into the 40+ and haven't seen a negative effect.. fish just keep swimming around doing fish stuff. It does mean there will be more of a PH difference when you do a water change between your 40ppm CO2 water and your tapwater.

BTW if you want to smooth down the spikes with your DIY, use two bottles instead of one and alternate the changing. If it's a monthly bottle, change one 2 weeks into the life of the first. I find that helps smooth things out.


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