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Re: [APD] Java fern and neon deaths

At 10:50 AM 12/21/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>I just started a 5g planted tank, it has 20w of fluorescent lighting,
>a river soil with gravel on top substrate that has been in there for
>over a year (used to keep goldfish feeders in the tank for my
>piranha), I never had a problem with fish dying until I planted it,
>Everything else is growing like a weed especially my vals they grow
>almost an inch every day, the only thing that doesn't seem to be
>growing at all is java fern.  The leaves are getting holes in them
>then rotting away, some of the old val leaves are doing the same but
>the younger ones are replacing them faster than they are lost.  I
>tested the water a couple days ago (would do it now but im at work)
>Ph 7.2
>GH 90ppm
>Kh 60ppm
>Ammonia 0
>Nitrate 20ppm
>Phosphate 2 ppm
>2 of my neon's died yesterday for no apparent reason and managed to
>rot to mush during my shift, I left in the morning they were fine came
>back at night and they were mush on the bottom, the other fish are
>doing good, the oto and remaining tetras look good with no sign of
>Please help me find out what happened to my tank so I can prevent it
>from happening again and get some more fish
>James Hogan

There may be an excessive buildup of organics. That's just a guess. Were
the neons sick? Swimming funny?

Holes in leaves... potassium?


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