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[APD] Java fern and neon deaths

I just started a 5g planted tank, it has 20w of fluorescent lighting,
a river soil with gravel on top substrate that has been in there for
over a year (used to keep goldfish feeders in the tank for my
piranha), I never had a problem with fish dying until I planted it,
Everything else is growing like a weed especially my vals they grow
almost an inch every day, the only thing that doesn't seem to be
growing at all is java fern.  The leaves are getting holes in them
then rotting away, some of the old val leaves are doing the same but
the younger ones are replacing them faster than they are lost.  I
tested the water a couple days ago (would do it now but im at work)
Ph 7.2
GH 90ppm
Kh 60ppm
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 20ppm
Phosphate 2 ppm

2 of my neon's died yesterday for no apparent reason and managed to
rot to mush during my shift, I left in the morning they were fine came
back at night and they were mush on the bottom, the other fish are
doing good, the oto and remaining tetras look good with no sign of
Please help me find out what happened to my tank so I can prevent it
from happening again and get some more fish
James Hogan
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