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[APD] Re: Nutrient Dosing

"1) With relatively hard water (gH = 14), do I need to add MgSO4 (epsom salts) to my Fe/trace elements mix, or can I assume that there will be sufficient magnesium carried in the water?"

Look up your local water quality report if available. Here's ours:


A few excerpts for the Green Water Treatment Plant (GWTP)

In mg/L

Calcium 12

Magnesium 15

Total Hardness
(as CaCO3)        93

Total Alkalinity    66
(as CaCO3)

Can some of the chemists here decipher what this means? I don't add Magnesium, but should I? Sorry to co-opt your question, but maybe a general answer will help us both.

"2) My newly planted H. difformis has white veins and rather spindly new growth. The new leaves also don't have the deeply cut ridges characteristic of this plant. I'm assuming Fe deficiency here, since the iron was nearly undetectable when the plants first went in. Current iron levels are at 0.1 ppm."

Sorry, can't really help. That doesn't sound like Fe. My h. difformis started doing better when I cut back on K2SO4, but I'm not sure of a connection.


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