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[APD] urea/NH4, fishload and algae

Hello, question for the experts out there on NH4/urea and algae. I've got a tank with a rotating algae problem, when I get rid of one another pops up.
None really bad but all annoying. I have lots of plants, inj CO2 to 30+PPM, fert with NO3 and PO4 etc. so I think my NH4 is lowish (why I never get big blowouts even if I spike PO4 as an experiment) but still enough to cause some algae. I don't consider my fish load to be heavy (prob med) but it's definitely more than the usual 'planted' tank (at least the ones you see pics of :) ).

I've see posts saying that adding NH4/Urea can cause a bloom, but has any max fishload ever been worked out before you start to get problems?

I've got an old fluidized sand filter lying around, would connecting that to my canister filter help the algae problem by getting rid of the NH4 faster.. before the algae gets to it?


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