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Re: [APD] RE:1st Planted Tank questions

At 06:21 AM 12/19/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>This will take mcuh longer than just draing out 80% and
>then replacing because, if you add and siphon at the same
>time, much of the water you are siphoning out is the water
>you just put into the aquarium. One can do a little
>calculus to figure out how much time this adds; the
>increase in time is pretty phenomenal, you can easily add
>hours to a task that should only take less than half an

Add hours? Uh no. Put the out put at the back and siphon from the front.
It may take a bit longer but the tank is never less than a bucket from
being full; the problem with leaving 20% of the water in there
only is that all the plants flop over and sometimes get bent
permanentnly, albeit slightly.

With two pytings of course it's all just automatic. Hook them
up, let them go and you can chnage 100% of water per hour.


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