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[APD] 1st Planted Tank questions


I've been lurking on the list for a while to get the flavor of things. I hope my questions are not too basic. I've been a gardener for years, used to be a chemist and am back in the hobby after too many years to think about.

The tank is 55G, 260W PC, CO2, Eco-complete. It's cycling --right now N02 is spiking and NO3 is rising. I may have done something really stupid -- I have plants in there. That means I am running lights and CO2 and have discovered algae. Perhaps I should say that hair algae has discovered a comfy new home. I expected the algae. Most of the plants are stem plants purchased to stay in the tank until it was balanced then to be tossed -- bacopa, foxtail, ludwigia, milfoil, water sprite, etc. There is also a sword (I think it looks like a weed), and a couple of wendtii crypts and a couple other plants.

It seems that every leaf on every plant is melting away. At the same time there is strong new growth. THe new growth tends overall to be brighter, redder, thinner and lacier with side shoots. The crypts are melting but putting out lots of new leaves that seem healthy. I've been interpreting this as leaves from emerged growth dying. Oddly, a red lotus and Apon. crispus haven't lost a leaf while putting out several new leaves this week (most plants have been in the tank a week).

Any thoughts on what is going on? How dumb was it to put plants in this early?


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