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[APD] DIY Metal Halide Fixture


I have finally gotten a chance to complete the
lighting for my tank; however, I have run into some
problems which I am hoping someone could help with.

The setup is currently an aluminum reflector that
almost looks like a roof with the middle portion flat
and the sides at 45degrees down.   The socket is
mounted sideways within the reflector.  A metal strip
attaches to the top of the reflector and is used to
mount the reflector to the wooden canopy.  Finally, a
piece of acrylic is used as a water shield for the

Two big problems!  First, the metal strip mounting the
reflector gets TOO hot!  I am worried that it might
catch the wood on fire by some misfortune.  Second,
the acrylic sheets I used as a watershield have
started to melt.  I only had the light running for 30

Does anyone have a suggestion as to better materials
or methods.  The lights are mounting really close 2-3
inches from the water so I think i need a watershield.



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