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[APD] RE: local plant groups

> Tom -  Thank you for the advice. I always hear people talking about
meetings, organizations and the like, but when I was into the hobby, I was
going to UC Davis and frankly didn't really have the time (except reading
and searching the internet on my own). Even though I don't have anything
setup right now, if you know of an aquatic plant group that meets, I'd be
interested in learning more. Do these sorts of things usually meet once a
month and/or is there membership fee, or can pretty much anyone go, even if
they don't have anything (ie, plant clippings, etc) to contribute(yet)?

Meetings have been monthly recently, sometimes more, sometimes less. You
are not required to bring anything, the first meeting is free, thereafter a
small fee is charged but the food, the free plants and knowledge gained
from it more than make up for this.  

>  SFBAAPS sounds like a good one. I'd be willing to drive a hour to
meetings(monthly/bi-monthly?) if it seems worthwhile. Let me know, I'd like
to check it out. Thanks in advance. 
> Regards,
> Ryan Ingram

SFBAAPS is certainly worth it.

Tom Barr

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