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[APD] Re: Getting rid of Green spot (on anubias)

 Hi Tom,

 I agree that the long term algae-free issue is a result of a well
high plant concentration and good growth issue. but sometimes if something
goes wrong, with the equilibreum (and that includes higher temperatures)
greenspot appears. And once there its not easy to
remove _even_ if the phosphate concentration is increased as you recommend.
The H3PO4 works in the very short term due to its acidity.
It burns the algae. I've shown it working to my friends here.
The phosphate may come in later. The acid has to be injected exactly on the
algae to work.
 I think that other concentrated acids will give the same short term
results, but I'm not sure about the side
 effects of HCl, H2SO4 or, HNO3. They are more dangerous as well.

 Its just one method. I've used them all. Some are good for one thing,
 for others. I have _only recommended_ this one for Anubias stuck on
 that is too large to remove from the tank without upsetting the aquascape.
 It does not  in any way upset any of your usual recommendations.

 best regards

> > The H3PO4 works in the long term since the tank is most certainly PO4
> > limited. at 1-2ppm of PO4, even Anubias under direct high light do not
> > Green spot. You will need good traces and also CO2 to maintain the lack
> > algae. KNO3 will help to a lesser degree.

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