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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 16, Issue 47

Tom -  Thank you for the advice. I always hear people talking about meetings, organizations and the like, but when I was into the hobby, I was going to UC Davis and frankly didn't really have the time (except reading and searching the internet on my own). Even though I don't have anything setup right now, if you know of an aquatic plant group that meets, I'd be interested in learning more. Do these sorts of things usually meet once a month and/or is there membership fee, or can pretty much anyone go, even if they don't have anything (ie, plant clippings, etc) to contribute(yet)? Please share. I'll probably be waiting to set up my own until my wife and I get a more permanent setup, since moving with an aquarium is always a pain in the you-know-what. You said you may end up at UCD doing research -- good luck on that! As for the group/club, I'd be more interested at this point in simply going to learn more and see what folks are up to and how they have their tanks setup, etc. T!
 SFBAAPS sounds like a good one. I'd be willing to drive a hour to meetings(monthly/bi-monthly?) if it seems worthwhile. Let me know, I'd like to check it out. Thanks in advance. 


Ryan Ingram


Ryan, I would suggest a few things, one, I might end up at the research
aquatic weed center at UC Davis soon, nothing guranteed yet, but I live in
Sac, a couple of other folks do as well. We just had a plant swap open
house with the SFBAAPS group, about 1 hour away from you. Lots of weeds,
lots of folks that have been doing this for many years, there new folks and
old folks in the club.
If you want to do well in the hobby, join that group. I can show you how to
keep Anubias under high light with no green spot algae, or alternatively,
do a non CO2 to a fairly high level, or marine macro algae etc. The club
has many wide ranging talents and resources, if would be wise to take
advantage of them. 
There is also SFAS and the local club(not much on plants), SAS. If you are
looking for things, email me off list. 

Tom Barr

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