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[APD] Marsilea quadrifolia

I have quart plastic bags stuffed full of average-looking or better Marsilea
quadrifolia. Some of it is older, so some of it has darker leaves. In each
bag there is tons of it, so you won't get a bag that is all dark.

My aquarium was completely covered with the stuff, and I started with just a
few twigs. Of course, this stuff grows a little slower than glosso, and
doesn't require the same high light and high nutrients. It's a nice plant
for groundcover. It takes a long time before it grows on top of itself, so
it's a little easier to keep from that "layering" problem you get with
Glosso. Also, if it DOES grow over itself, the "buried"leaves don't turn
brown and die. They just turn a darker green.

So, I'm offering these bags for $12 -- this includes shipping in the U.S. To
keep it simple, let's do this through PAYPAL only. I will ship it off to you
IMMEDIATELY. The benefits of being unemployed.  :)

Also shipping in the winter is good. If the plants get cold they are
preserved. Of course, sitting in your mailbox all day is NOT so good if
temperatures are below freezing...

Please email me directly if you are interested. kevmo at aplants com


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