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[APD] green filament algae

There are a variety of non-epiphytic green filament algae that occur in aquariums: so called green-thread algae. Its not Spirogyra;
is it all in the order Cladophorales? The stuff I've commonly seen is like cotton in consistency & texture. There are also some
types that are thicker; so called horse-hair algae which is probably in the Genus Cladophora. I believe the stuff branches
irregularly at right angles to the filament but not sure. That is one of the identification keys.

(from <http://www.californiabiota.com/cabiota/Chlorophyta.htm>)
Here are some filament algae types found in California:

Kingdom Protista
 Phylum Chlorophyta (Green Algae)
   Class Chlorophyceae
     Order Cladophorales
       Family Cladophoraceae
        Genus Chaetomorpha
           Chaetomorpha linum
           Chaetomorpha spiralis
        Genus Cladophora
           Cladophora columbiana
           Cladophora graminea
        Genus Rhizoclonium
        Genus Acrosiphonia
           Acrosiphonia coalita (Ruprecht) Yendo
        Genus Urospora

Tom, is there a good identification key for Chlorophyta (on the Internet)?

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