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RE: [APD] Getting rid of Green Spot

At 10:43 AM 12/16/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I haven't had real good luck using peroxide on that type algae. It works
>real good for BGA and some others, but not that hard sandpaper type.

Yeah, it seems to kill red alga almost on contact but doesn't seem to
do that with green alga. But, long term exposure does seem to have some

I put some disgustingly (green snot, thread) algae covered mayaca
and ludwigia in 3L of water and added 6cc of H202 and over a period
of 3-4 days the alage is dissolving and the plants are unharmed. Mayaca
is resonably sensitive to h202. There's still a bit of algae but
not much. it's 95% gone.  (This concentration kills SAE's and
otos in 2 hours BTW. Arrrg)

So it seems that time of exposure is significant, moreso that
concentration. Recall that 15 secs in steraight 3% will not
kill green thread algae (doesn't do a crypt much good either
but it did survice with at least half the leaves intact)

Having said that I *have* killed green thread algae on
some red mriophyllum that had made it to the surface
then became choked in the stuff. I squirted 10cc of 3%
h202 on it twice a day for 2-3 days and it all turned
yellow and dissolved over a period of about a week. I
guess because there was so litle circulation there
the H202 could presist.

Too little circulation there... hmm, is that why it grew threre?
(looks around the room) algae grows in inverse proportion to
circulation? Hmm, yes my algae free tanks have very strong
(yet air driven) circulation, the less they have the 
more algae.

Algae hates oxygen?


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